Tattooing inks and pastes

RAIDEX tattooing inks and pastes are a dextrine-based, aqueous dye concentrates. These inks and pastes are produced using only raw materials that are compatible with the animal organism. RAIDEX tattooing inks and pastes are extremely colour-fast, economical and are used for the long-term marking of animals.

Ear tattooing by perforating the ear using tattoo forceps and massaging in the paste or by applying the tattoo ink using the rollball bottle.

Delivery form:
Paste in 60g, 140g or tubes or in 300g hanging tube bottle
Paste in 600g cans
Ink in 0.5 l and 10 l plastic bottles
Ink in 65 ml rollball bottles
Ink as an aerosol and pump spray can (in black)

black, green and white.

Tattooing inks and pastes should be stored at a temperature between -5°C to +25°C.

A report from the Hapke Institute in Hanover is available. This confirms that our tattoo inks and pastes are harmless when used as intended.