FASTmark is the environmentally-friendly, economical and propellant-free marking spray for cattle and pigs.

RAIDEX FASTmark is an alcohol-based ready-for-use, fast drying and colour intensive marking dye. FASTmark is suitable for fast, cost-effective & long-lasting marking of cattle and pigs - 500ml of FASTmark is as economical as 2-3 400ml spray cans! The reusable spray device and the use of refill bottles/cannisters makes marking very good value for money.

Marking is done using a pump or pressure spray that is able to apply a dot or a line on the animal. FASTmark is also ideally suited to automatic sorting stations.

The marking is visible on pigs for an average of 2 weeks, on cattle somewhat longer

red, blue, green, black, orange, violet and brown.

Delivery forms (drums):
500ml with hand sprayer
1000ml refill bottle
5 and 25 litre refill cannisters (drain cock available separately)

Consumption comparison:
Product line (30 cm) on pigs 

Animal marking stick Maxi200
Animal marking spray 500 ml can254
FASTmark 500 ml drum with special
hand pump sprayer (reusable) 526
FASTmark 1 litre (equates to approx. 4 x 500ml spray cans)1052
FASTmark 5 litre (equates to approx. 20 x 500ml spray cans)5260
FASTmark 25 litre (equates to approx. 100 x 500ml spray cans) 26300

The determined consumption values are dependant upon factors such as ambient temperature, spraying speed, pressure applied to the animal marking stick, roughness of the pig's skin. These values are approximations.

Do not spray onto naked flames, smouldering objects or in the face. Highly flammable! Ensure ventilation. Keep away from children.