Ram crayons/Ewe markers

RAIDEX wax blocks consist of high-quality special waxes and paraffin oil. We use high-quality pigments to achieve an excellent colour quality. The ingredients are harmless for humans or animals.

RAIDEX wax blocks can be used at all temperatures with any problem. So you only need one type for both summer and winter. This simplifies storage.

The harness with wax block secured by a split pin is strapped to the ram's chest. The breeder can determine the lambing time and/or quota by the colour marking on the back of the ewe. Due to cross-breeding, one colour is used per covering period. The blocks are used due to the improved contrast of the marking from light to dark.

The wax blocks are available in 6 colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and black.

Delivery form:
10 pcs. per box