Sheep branding fluid

RAIDEX sheep branding fluid is suitable for marking sheep and lambs.

It contains harmless, light-fast pigments, mildly-odorous solvent and, in addition to wool grease and natural resins, a wax. This composition achieves good drying and removal during the wool wash. However, it tends to thicken and solidify at temperatures below 15°C.

We therefore strongly recommend that the fluid is stored at room temperature, stirring thoroughly before use and resealed after use.

If the fluid thickens, we recommend heating it up to approx. 20°C or diluting it with our special thinner for sheep branding fluid.

The markings are applied by means of smooth branding irons, which are dipped into the fluid then pressed onto the animal's back.

RAIDEX sheep branding fluid dries within 4 to 8 hours depending on ambient temperature and consistency of the dye. Care must be taken to prevent contact with the dye and hence smudging. The dye marks disappear during the conventional wool wash.

RAIDEX sheep branding fluid is available in the following contrast colours: red, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow and fluorescent pink.

Delivery form:
Fluid in patented lidded can of 1 kg
Special thinner in 1 and 5 litre drums.