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RAIDEX Animal marking sticks

Description: Crayons based on special waxes and paraffin oil. We use high-quality pigments to achieve an excellent colour quality. The sticks are set apart by effective writing capability on hide, temperature stability, colour intensity and high luminance. The ingredients are harmless for humans or animals.

Packaging and any unused materials can be discarded with residual waste. Contaminated fabrics and/or surfaces should first be roughly cleaned using a cloth and then washed with water and soap/detergent.

Animal marking sticks are used for short-term marking, primarily of cattle, sheep and pigs. The marking remains visible on the upper back of cattle and sheep for approx. four weeks, on pigs one to two weeks.
Please note that markings on sheep are impossible or difficult to wash out. They should therefore be applied in a more suitable place, e.g. head or legs.

Delivery form: Plastic tube with twist-action
Colours: red, blue, green, violet, black, yellow, orange, white, fluorescent pink.

Packaging: 10 pcs. per box, 10 x 5 boxes per outer.

Labelling service:
We can also supply our animal marking sticks with your personalised label. Print surface to your own design (86 x 110 mm, left 7 mm overlap)
Costs: depending on complexity

Option: We print your company logo on our standard RAIDEX label at no extra cost. Print surface max. 20 x 68 mm. Black print only.
Minimum quantity: 500 pcs. per order / 50 pcs. per colour. 
RAIDEX animal marking spray is now available in orange, black, brown and violet. In addition to the established can sizes of 200 ml and 400 ml, we now offer 500 ml spray cans!

We have also expanded the colour range of our RAIDEX sheep marking spray. The new colours are yellow, orange, violet, black, white and day-glo pink. Sheep marking spray is now generally available in the economical 500 ml spray can.
Our proven marking dye from a spray can is now available for use with a pump or pressurised spray or in automatic sorting stations. We offer FastMark for cattle and pigs in the following colours: red, blue, green, orange, black, brown and violet.
For marking eggs, RAIDEX manufactures red and blue ink. These products do of course comply with the food regulatory requirements in accordance with EU Directive 94/36/EC.
The renowned RAIDEX ram crayon wax block is now available with 15% more content.